I wrote another article.

It’s been 11 years since I last dipped my toe into the magazine world and the IT and GIS industry has changes beyond recognition in that time. It was before Google had even entered the mapping world, before Facebook, YouTube and Open Street Map. Just thinking about this makes me feel old, anyway enough of my brooding.

Having moved from the Old world to the New world it’s been interesting to see how the geospatial world has evolved and amazingly how my JavaScript skills seem to keep me in employment. Whilst consumers have ‘got’ geospatial, and there are many many applications showing this, businesses still consider geospatial to be a dark art whilst many organisations have an army of geo-literate people checking in and sharing location already, they just need to right tools to unlock those skills.

So the article ‘what I wrote’ deals with the tools and technologies that Google has and is continuing to build that allows organisations to unlock the inherent geospatial literacy that many people already have from their personal use of technology. From familiar data set and cartography, to solutions that work on consumer devices in a simple way, without the need for expensive legacy systems and true cloud based geospatial data stores which use the same sharing and access technologies people are used to in GMail or Google docs. I hope you enjoy it, maybe I’ll write another one in 11 years time.

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