MapIt system requirements and the Developer Hub.


I had a query today about the system requirements of MapIt. For those of you who don’t know what MapIt is yet I point towards the link above, it’s a great product for a certain market, especially those Microsoft partners who want to make use of their data within SQL Server 2008 with all of the spatial bells and whistles available. Jithen gives a good overview of what you get out of the box here including the system requirements on the ESRI wiki site.

Many people will hopefully be buying or evaluating MapIt over the next few months and should keep an eye on a number of the requirements. Specifically:

  • It requires IIS 6 or IIS7 so no XP for the server.
  • It runs on 32 and 64 but Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, which is obvious given the above requirements but check the SP’s supported for each.
  • It requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Silverlight 2 or 3 and .NET 3.5 SP1. Mixing Silverlight versions, especially toolkits, on a single machine can be a world of hurt so tread carefully. Development can be done on Windows XP of course as long as the requirements for Visual Studio 2008 are met.
  • It supports all version of SQL Server Express 2008, including Express!

    See and hear it in action!

    Coupling MapIT with the new Microsoft WebsiteSpark initiative would allow companies of all sizes to build one powerful internet mapping solution and when you’re ready you can move up to a full ArcGIS Server package for a more comprehensive GI services and data management capability.

image For people in the UK were holding a seminar with Microsoft on the 6th October about ESRI and Microsoft integration, MapIt and use of Bing maps. Go over to the ESRI(UK) site here if you’re interested to register. I’ll be speaking about MapIt and integrating it with Enterprise data and Bing maps there, so hope you can come along.

For those people who can’t make it there are some excellent webinars and links given on the new ESRI(UK) Developer Hub. Especially Sarah and Mark on the ArcGIS WebAPI’s what a team!


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